The International Symposium on Energy Management and Sustainability (ISEMAS-2024), the second of which we will host, aims to create a forum where academics, researchers, scientists, technocrats and practicing engineers, especially Energy Management and sustainability, will discuss various disciplines from energy to the environment. The symposium will be held virtually and on-site and will include special parallel sessions alongside events such as plenary sessions, keynote speeches, invited speakers and sectoral sessions. All these sessions will be covered by conference themes from different disciplines.

Rectorate Welcome Message

I am honored to inform you that Piri Reis University (PRU) will be hosting and organizing the International Symposium on Energy Management and Sustainability (ISEMAS-2024), a prestigious virtual international event. I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all participants of this excellent event.

As a university with a vision to become a leader in maritime education and technology development, and to be recognized as one of the world’s most respected universities, we aim to train individuals with 21st-century competencies. Our goal is to produce innovators who can manage change and contribute to the transformation of our society through knowledge. In this sense, we will play an active role in developing maritime technologies and transforming our maritime sector by the traditions of the age. We will also work to bring trained manpower to the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Piri Reis University

Founding Chair’s Welcome Message

We are pleased to invite you to the International Symposium on Energy Management and Sustainability (ISEMAS-2024), which will be held virtually. The symposium is being organized by Piri Reis University located in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey, in partnership with the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Sustainability Development and Environment Association Balıkesir/Türkiye, and Ashrae Turkish Chapter, Türkiye. ISEMAS has been a successful symposium in this field since 2022, and the previous editions were conducted virtually in 2022.

The ISEMAS 2024 symposium is set to be an outstanding event with a broad range of technical content, networking opportunities, and social programs. The symposium will feature plenary sessions, a workshop dedicated to water issues, keynote talks, and specialized parallel sessions focusing on energy management and sustainability topics across various areas of study. Our goal is to create a platform for the exchange of technical information, the dissemination of high-quality research results, and the presentation of new policies and scientific progress towards achieving sustainable energy development. We hope that the symposium will foster effective discussions and collaborations between participants from diverse disciplines, institutes and sectors worldwide.

The scientific program of ISEMAS-2024 will include keynote and invited speaker talks, as well as virtual oral presentations from participants. The symposium proceedings will be published after reviewing the submitted manuscripts. High-quality papers may also be considered for possible publication in specific reputable international journals and Springer books mentioned on the website. 

“We are planning to incorporate an extensive virtual program in ISEMAS 2024. This program will provide you with a chance to witness and appreciate the unique cultural shows, hospitality, and beauty of diverse societies. Our aim is to make ISEMAS 2024 a valuable, impactful, and enjoyable event for all participants.”

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee
Symposium Chair