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Rod Janssen

Independent consultant, editor of energy in demand

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Implementing Energy Management in the Age of “Net Zero”


Addressing our climate and energy challenges is getting more complicated almost daily. The levels of ambition are increasing as we take serious aim at meeting our Paris climate obligations to keep global temperatures from rising about 1.5 degrees C. This means decarbonising in a major way. Let us just look at industry. Context is everything and all efforts are expecting industry to be “net zero emissions”. We are still in the midst of the Covid crisis and that has had a major impact on industry and all society. Now we have a major energy price crisis that is severely impacting on our economies and individual enterprises, although to varying degrees depending on the level of energy intensity. To add more to the complexity, there are other obligations in Europe: reducing GHG emissions, resource efficiency, renewable energy deployment, circular economy and more. Juggling all these can be a challenge for industry, large or small. Energy management is seen in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) to be a major tool. The proposals for a revised EED Include a separate article for energy management systems and energy audits. The EED requires energy management systems for the largest energy using companies, which are likely to be more effective at ensuring that more cost saving energy saving investments will be made while probably having a lower overall cost burden on the company. This presentation looks at the context in Europe, the experience in adopting energy management systems and how important energy management systems are seen as companies and sectors develop their net zero roadmaps.


Rod janssen, an independent consultant based in paris, conducts policy and programme analysis in energy and climate change issues, energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy and energy-and- the-environment, for national governments, international organisations and municipalities in OECD and emerging economies.

He is a seasoned writer, evaluator, trainer and technical analyst with deep knowledge of institutional issues, legislation, incentives and the policy approaches to develop strategies for global climate change and energy efficiency.

Rod is editor of energy in demand , an independent blog on sustainable energy issues

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